Below is a list of classes Waterman's Martial Arts offers. For more information, please click the "CONTACT US" button or visit the "CONTACT US" page. 



A Japanese striking art with strong emphasis on 
deep stances and powerful strikes.  The curriculum 
covers basic technique and practical application in 
self-defense.  The course provides a strong 
philosophical background, stressing non-violence 
and the mental growth of the individual.  

What students get:

- Real world self-defense
- Multiple tournaments
- Tests for higher rank that are nationally recognized
- Traditional weapons classes
- Freestyle classes

Mighty Monkeys


Designed for kids not quite ready for the full Karate 
program.  This is a half hour class held twice a week 
where kids can come and “play” karate.  This course 
gives little kids the opportunity to get used to a more 
structured karate environment and gain the basics 
gradually, while still being disguised like a game.

What students get:

- To burn off lots of energy
- Rank advancement tests
- Advanced students get one class a month with the older group
- Parents get to socialize while watching the class

Mish n' Mash


This class is an open session for adults and advanced teens.

Students are given individual drills to work on while the teacher continually circulates through the class.

What students get:
- Train any style
- A fluid environment
- Think 1on1 in a group setting

Kobudo/Traditional Weapons

Used to denote the collective of traditional Okinawan weapons like Bo, Sai, and many others, this program also includes training in Japanese sword arts.  This mentally intensive class is excellent for developing a sense of center.  Students do not need any prior training to participate.  


What students get:


A unique kind of strength training

Excellent coordination

Understaning weapon application

Mediatative like focus

Stress relief

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This soft art was designed to promote healing and 
relieve stress.  In the vein of Tai Chi, it is a low 
impact class that emphasizes breathing, proper 
posture, and gentle movements to work out the 
body's kinks.  

What students get:

- Excellent for recovery or just feeling better
- Dramatic benefits with light work
- General lack of aches and pains
- A relaxed environment
- Gradual toning of muscles to help stability

Private lessons and seminars only



This a pure defense class.  There are no forms or 
extras.  It takes the same self-defense of the karate 
program and streamlines it for a non-martial artist.  
Everything has been stripped down to the basics to 
keep it simple and effective.  

What students get:

- Understanding of proper defense mindset
- Learning the hows, whys and whens
- A personal defense style
- The knowledge to avoid bad situations

Private lessons and seminars only



A Brazilian martial art where the fighting style was 
disguised in a dance.  It is a very physically intense 
art and advanced levels incorporate significant 
acrobatics.  However, anyone can participate in the 
game at a basic level.  It is fast paced and provides 
a unique challenge to even the most impressive 

What students get:

- In really good shape
- A fun environment
- Increased acrobatic ability
- A different kind of challenge

Private lessons and seminars only

Parent & Child Classes


A fun karate activity for young children to get a jumpstart building dexterity and coordination in a structured environment while having fun with Mom and/or Dad

What students get:

- Introduction to Karate
- Good Fitness Habits
- Parent and Child exercises to do at home

Core Fitness Program


A six week program with 2-3 one-hour sessions per week pairing karate/kickboxing techniques with fitness exercises to improve functional strength and raise overall body health. Including: speed rope, bag gloves, resistance bands & protein snack/drink.

What participants get:

Learn to hit hard and fast

Improve your fitness baseline

Tone your body

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