Referral Program

Students are encouraged to spread the word and help the base grow.  This program 
is used as a thank you to those who take the time to bring in new martial artists.


This program benefits the student, the parents (if the student is a child), and the 
individual signing up for the first time.


Contact Sensei Waterman for more details.

Private and Small Group Lessons

The dojo does offer additional lessons for individuals and smaller groups in any of the classes listed. It can be likened to getting a group of friends together to try out skiing for the first time.  Just a fun, one time event where you can tryout something new.  Perhaps with a bit less tumbling and crashing.

Contact Sensei Waterman for more details.  

Taryn Ashley Waterman Memorial Fund

This fund is used in a variety of ways to help students achieve their goals. Understand, this fund is used on an as needed basis, and is given at the sole discretion of Doug and Carol Waterman.

Contact Sensei Waterman for more details.

Sherrill, NY

Hamilton, NY

Tel: 315-363-0561

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