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Waterman's Martial Arts opened its Oneida/Sherrill location Feb 2, 2008 and our second location in Hamilton on July 10, 2018.  The core club is based in Shotokan Karate, but other styles have been introduced as new instructors join the dojo.  These arts range from kickboxing, to sword, to Capoeira.

As an affiliate of the Zen-Do Kai International Association, we devote most our energy to self-defense training with a focus on prevention.  The dojo has been fortunate to develop contacts with police officers, military, and other real life experts who have guided our practice beyond the scope of traditional martial arts.

All programs are suited to be adaptable to all age groups, and allows for modification based on the individual’s abilities. 

Classes are held year round and new students are always welcome.  WMA is frequently invited to teach self-defense seminars for public schools and other groups.


The dojo's core philosophy is that there is no limit to improvement. Sensei Waterman believes an individual can always be better and grow with enough hard work.  It will not necessarily be easy, and failure is possible. 

But never definite.

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”


Welcome to Ryouzan Dojo of Waterman's Martial Arts.

Sensei Heath Waterman has over twenty years of Martial Arts experience predominantly in Shotokan Karate, but also in 
Capoeira, small circle Jujitsu, self-defense, and continues to increase his knowledge base.  

 He began his Martial Arts career at Pinney’s American Karate in 1993 and achieved his black belt in 1999 at age 13.  He was the 
first to achieve this rank in the school and one of the youngest to be certified by the Zen-Do Kai International Organization.  Even to 
present day, Sensei Waterman has continued to be promoted as one of, if not the, youngest for each black belt level.  

 He has considerable teaching experience.  Before beginning his own school, he taught part time for Mr. Pinney for six years and full time for four.  

 He continues to learn, adapt, and improve both his system and himself.  


Sherrill, NY

Hamilton, NY

Tel: 315-363-0561

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