One-on-One Training

WMA’s 1-on-1 lesson system is a comprehensive program that can range from a simple workshop to a complete regiment. This program is customizable to the student’s needs and can include any or all of the following:


  • Multiple weekly private lessons at the location of the student’s choice (home, dojo, or another suitable venue)


  • Detailed and personalized training regimen


  • Full diet/nutritional outline (suggestive)


This program is tailored to fit the student’s schedule, interests and needs. 


We develop a plan based around your goals (self-defense, tournament, testing, fitness, health and recovery, etc) and help you achieve them.


This program is open to everyone and is not limited to existing students. Our 1-on-1 program is designed for those who want more direct guidance outside of what WMA’s current classes can provide.


With over twenty years of experience, exclusive systems like Qi and an expansive personal library; WMA can make your experience unique and effective for less than the cost of a personal trainer.


Review Tier 1*


Beginner Tier 2


Intermediate Tier 3


  • One time review

  • Custom training regimen

  • Diet/nutritional suggestions




  • Monthly goal work-shopping

  • Evolving custom training regimen

  • Diet/nutritional outline


  • Includes all Tier 2 benefits and one private lesson per week

Super Tier 6


Evolved Tier 5


Advanced Tier 4


  • Includes all Tier 2 benefits and two private lessons per week

  • Includes all Tier 2 benefits and three private lessons per week

  • All Tier 2 benefits

  • Three private lessons per week

  • Two hours of classes per week

Customized "Ultra" package also available:  Student to student basis, includes everything, up to 10 hours a week of private lessons, and unlimited classes


*Available to enrolled students for free

Sherrill, NY

Hamilton, NY

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